Wk 12- Art Experience – Game Design

This week’s art experience was really interesting. On Thursday Morning before class started, my friend Jennifer and I started our search for geocaches. The first one we started looking for was called “Immortal.” After 30 minutes of searching for it, we decided to come back to it after class ended. We were really close to it, but we couldn’t find it. After class ended, everyone was trying to find the “Immortal” geocache. However, we didn’t have any luck. ): We decided to move on to another geocache. A group of us including our professor went to look for other geocaches. The second one was “Fire Hydrant.” When we got there, we tried looking for it, but we found out that the cache was no longer there. After that we decided to go to “Beach Structure.”  We were looking and I was hoping that maybe the third time trying to find a geocache, we would find one. We found out that the geocache was no longer there. Our professor hid that geocache in the and it is no longer there. We decided to go to the geocache that is placed near the Walter Pyramid called “CSU-ET.” When we went there we looked everywhere. I stuck my hand in the poles and it was not nice. I was touching nasty webs and almost got my hand stuck in there. One of our group mates ended up finding baby birds in the poles. Our professor found that geocache there 6 months ago, but he couldn’t find the geocache this time. The geocache may be gone or someone moved it somewhere else. While we were walking back, our professor found a quarter. Overall, I thought this art experience was really fun and I got a lot of exercise. I’m sad that we didn’t get to find any but at least we tried! (: I’m going to try next time and I hope to I can find a geocache. Hiding the geocache was a lot easier than finding a geocache. This art experience made me think differently about places because I had to think about where to hide my geocache. I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be too easy for someone to find. This experience was like a scavenger hunt and I really enjoyed it.

Below are hints to where I hid my Altoids tin:


Geocaches we tried to find:



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