Wk 11- Art Experience- Turning Pages

This week’s art experience was pretty interesting. It was an honor to have Marta Troya to come to our class and create an art activity for us. To be honest, I was pretty confused about what we had to do, but after awhile I started understanding what the whole purpose of this experiment was. I feel that words and pictures can capture an experience. However, words and picture can’t always completely sum up an experience and show how one feels about it. I feel that the style of words and images matter because sometimes the person is probably trying to tell us something. For example, when a letter is in a bigger context or bolded or like when the background of a picture is blurred and is focused on one thing in particular. One way I thought of to share an experience with people who weren’t there to share in it live was to make a video for them or video chat/ Facetime with them. Although they’re not there by your side physically, they’ll be there on the other side of the camera. I feel that trying to document an experience takes out of the experience. When we try to document, we’re more focused on documenting rather than the experience. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience. It gave me new insights about the nature of spaces. Being in the library and bookstore was different. The bookstore didn’t make me feel anything. I just felt like a regular person browsing around the bookstore. In the library, it felt awkward and we were like out of the norm. People were staring and wondering what we were doing. We almost got kicked out from the waiting area because we’re not suppose to read there. It questions me about what is the purpose of the library? Isn’t a library for reading? However, the library at CSULB on the first floor is filled with computers and we also have a Starbucks. Another way that we can document ephemeral experiences like Turning Pages is to use words. Sometimes, it is hard to get pictures of how something makes you feel and words can often express your feelings. We could write in a journal or just on a piece of paper.



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