Wk 10- Art Experience- Instagram

This week’s art experience was very fun and interesting! We got to use Instagram! I normally don’t post anything on my Instagram and would have never thought I would post 4 posts in a day. I noticed that majority of us posted images of food, selfies, nature, and places they went to. Also, many of my classmates posted images of the art gallery. My post were pretty similar to everyone. I posted pictures of food, a selfie, and experiences some people may have encountered. For one of my posts, I posted a picture of a bus. There has been many incidences where I was trying to catch the bus and it ended leaving me. šŸ˜” I also posted a picture of what I had for dinner. There wasn’t any surprises, but I enjoyed seeing everyone’s posts. šŸ˜Š Seeing all the posts made me realize that although not everyone is at the same place at the same time, we’re a lot alike. Seeing other people’s post of where they went and what they ate made me want to eat that kind of food or go check out the places. Overall, I really enjoyed this art experience and seeing everyone’s posts!

Here are the four Instagram posts I posted:

Below are posts from some of my classmates:




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