Wk 9- Classmate Conversation- Helen Lee

This week I met Helen Lee. She is a 4th year undergraduate student at CSULB majoring in English Education. She is expected to graduate in May and she wants to become a teacher. Some of her hobbies are cooking and drawing. She also enjoys photography. Helen is Korean and is from South Pasadena. She used to commute to CSULB, but now she rents an apartment with her friends. Her favorite color is green. Helen enjoys going outdoors and enjoys hiking. She loves to spend time with her friends and families. She loves Korean, Mexican, Japanese, and Italian food. Helen wanted to take an art class and decided she wanted to take a ceramics class, but she found out that she had to be a ceramics major in order to take a ceramics class. She wanted a class to be hands-on, so her friend recommended her to take ART110. So far, she’s been enjoying this class. I’m glad that I got to meet Helen! She’s such a nice and amazing person! I wish her he best of luck with her studies! I also want to congratulate her because she’s graduating in May!

Check out her website: helenhleeblog





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