Wk 9- Artist Conversation- Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Info Block

Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig
Exhibition: All Work All Play
Media: Copper, Silver, Metals
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: None
Instagram: Personal Use Only

Sean Joy is 23 years old and is a 5th year undergraduate student at CSULB. She is currently studying for her BFA in Metals and Jewelry. This is her first show and last semester at CSULB. She is originally from Los Angeles, but now lives in Long Beach. She has two older brothers who is 29 and 31. Some of the things she likes to do for fun is hang out with her boyfriend, going out to eat, and cooking. She loves to experiment with a lot of things. Her interest are reading, she loves cats, and shes likes to keep herself active.

She named her exhibition “All work All Play” because when she has to fulfill requirements, it’s all up to her to create it and adapt it to her style. Her artworks don’t have a main concept. It’s very experimental because she needs to be able to play with a bunch of things. She is temporarily working at Michael Schmidt Studios. After graduating, she does not know if she want to continue to work there or go to graduate school. Her artwork goes from being to cool to humorous to serious, but overall it’s experimental.

The art pieces in the gallery are all works she has made since she started here at CSULB. If she had to choose a favorite art piece from her gallery,  it would be the finger brace because it’s a kinetic piece. The finger brace was inspired by Forrest Gump. Sean Joy loves to play with a bunch of things rather than just one concept. Her works are inspired by the environment, emotion, and humor.

As a Metals major, Sean Joy has come to value patience, perseverance, and acceptance. She has learned that you can’t rush and skip steps when trying to finish artworks. She loves metals and enjoys perfecting their technical aspects because it allows her to create what matches her moods, thoughts, and environments. Sean Joy seems to have a lot of passion for what she does. I really admire her artworks and hope she continues to make more beautiful art pieces.




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