The year 2046 has arrived! I have come to Moonbase Alpha to explore what it has to offer. My name is Ariel and I am a resident of Moonbase Alpha. I was originally born and raised in the ocean as a mermaid. However, when I met my Prince Charming, I became a human on land. At Moonbase Alpha, I have met a lot of people and made new friends. I decided to pursue my career in studying medicine. I have always enjoyed making people feel better and would always ask others if they’re okay. I love seeing people with smiles on their faces! 😊 On Moonbase Alpha, I have the most amazing roommate ever! Her name is Angelica. She has kept me company while on Moonbase Alpha. My Prince Charming was unable to come along with me because he had to take care of important duties on Earth. Angelica has made me feel like I belong at Moonbase Alpha. One day, I was taking a nice walk with my childhood friend, Keva Murphy, in the park and happened to bump into Jing the Minion. Jing was really unique and we have never seen anyone like that before. Jing was really nice and was filled with lots of energy. The three of us had many laughs together and talked about many things while at the park. Being on Moonbase Alpha has been an extraordinary journey and it has continued to fascinate me with the daily events I encounter. However, I still dearly miss my love, Prince Charming. After my time here, I will leave Moonbase Alpha and go back to Earth and spend the rest of my life with my Prince Charming. We’ll live happily ever after! And maybe, one day, Prince Charming and I will come back to Moonbase Alpha together so I could show him where I stayed and what an amazing place Moonbase Alpha is.

Continue the Story with:

  1. My Childhood Friend: Keva Murphy
  2. My Roommate: Angelica
  3. My Friend: Jing the Minion

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