Wk 8- Classmate Conversation- Katherine Pantoja

This week I met Katherine Pantoja. She is a 1st year undergraduate student at CSULB and is currently undeclared. She doesn’t know what career she wants to pursue, but she’s thinking about majoring in Business or Theater. She is from South Gate and commutes to CSULB. Her favorite food is spaghetti. She loves Italian food. Her hobbies are reading and watching movies. She likes to watch action movies, but dislikes watching scary movies. She likes to read young adult books. She’s the youngest child in her family and has an older brother and sister. Her favorite color is purple. So is mine! 😀 During the summer, she wants to travel because she loves to travel a lot and explore. She also likes to try new food for fun. She tries to restrain herself from trying new food, but it’s so hard for her. She loves food! I found out that we had a lot in common such as trying out new food, having the same favorite color, and we both love to travel. I also loved her hair color! I’m glad that I got to meet Katherine and I wish her the best of luck with her studies! I hope to see her around on campus! 😊

Check out her website: peanutkat001



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