Wk 8- Artist Conversation- Almira M. Nikravesh

Info Block

Artist: Almira M. Nikravesh
Exhibition: Farsh
Media: Hydrocal, MDF
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: None
Instagram: almiranikravesh

Almira is second to the right.

Almira M. Nikravesh is from Iran and is an undergraduate senior at CSULB. She is currently studying for her BFA in Sculpture. She wanted to major in Art because it makes her feel free and she feels that she has more choices. She’s not restricted by thoughts or materials and just has to take a certain process. Her hobbies are weightlifting and she loves going to the gym.

She really likes the Sculpture Department because you’re not restricted. You can work with anything and use different mediums. The artist doesn’t know if there’s message in her art works, but it’s trying to tell people something that relates to her life. The message passed on would be comments of what we experience in our daily lives. Her main inspiration is something that applies in her life. The sculpture in the rug runs in her family.

Almira says she’s a maker. The exhibition displayed plaster casted feet that came from the same mold. The feet are relation to the rug. Her inspiration came from her own life and culture. Her family has a Persian hand made silk carpet that holds value because of the labor hours put into weaving them. Holding onto the silk carpet has become a form an investment for her family because silk is an expensive material and it takes a lot of time to generate. Her family has accustomed their life in order to keep the carpet in good condition. They would never carry anything near it that would damage it. She recreated the carpet by converting physical labor hours from the carpet into computer numerical control hours in MDF. She was able to recreate the carpet. Now the carpet can be used the way carpets are intended to be used. It can be stepped on with feet.

Overall, I enjoyed the art gallery and Almira’s artwork. She has gotten many different types of critiques. Some people commented on the use of space, while some were creeped out of feet. When I first walked in the gallery, I saw so many pairs of feet around the gallery. It creeped me out seeing so many pairs of feet, but when I talked to the artist and got to know what they meant. I started to understand the whole meaning and I really loved the detail on the carpet. I learned that as a sculpture major, the artist would have a script talking about their work. They would find the good and bad points and repeat and try another process instead of having an exam. They would learn from something that they felt work and from what didn’t work . This enables them to try different things.





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