Wk 8- Art Experience- Automatic Drawing

For this week’s art experience, I thought it was really interesting. At first, when I heard that we had to draw, I was like Oh no! I was really worried about it because I am not good at drawing. Then I found out that this art experience involves having a partner and I thought that it wouldn’t be too bad. My friend, Jennifer, and I decided to do this art experience together. We sat across from each other and had our legs crossed with our knees touching each other. We then put our drawing paper and board between us. We used a variety of colorful markers for our drawing. We used a different color when we both thought it was time to change to a different color. In the beginning, we were laughing a lot and then we stopped. We weren’t sure if we were doing this correctly and how it was suppose to work. We were saying this is not going to come out right and the marker isn’t going to move. However, we were wrong. Our drawing came out to be very colorful and turned out to look pretty nice! Overall, I thought this experience was really relaxing and fun. I’m thinking about putting our drawing up in our room as decoration. 😊






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