Wk 7- Classmate Conversation- Jing Huan Ooi

This week I met Jing Huan Ooi. She is a Malaysian born Chinese. She is a 3rd year transfer student from Malaysia and is studying Electrical Engineering. She hopes to become an engineer that makes a lot of money. This is only her second semester here at Long Beach and she’s trying to join clubs. When she first came here, it was kind of scary for her and she hated her flight because it took about 30 hours to arrive to California. She is currently renting a room in Los Angeles and commutes to Long Beach. Her favorite food is the burritos from Taco Bell. One interesting thing about her is that she likes to eat really spicy food, but she can’t seem to find anything that’s spicy enough for her. One of her hobbies is watching Korean dramas. I also like watching Korean dramas too! Some of the dramas that we both have watched are: Kill Me, Heal Me and She was Pretty. We both thought those two dramas were very good. She also likes to read ghost stories, but she doesn’t like to watch scary movies. She has a sister that is in Malaysia and she’s going back this summer to visit her family. I’m glad that I got to meet Jing Huan Ooi! I wish her the best of luck with her studies! (:

Check out her website: jingghuann


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