Wk 7- Art Experience- Group Video Activity

For this week’s art experience, I got to do a group video activity. I ended up doing this video activity with Jennifer Lee. There were many themes/topics to choose from such as music/performance, relationships, and real problems. At first we thought about doing a cover of a song, but we couldn’t find any good songs that made our voices sound good. Both of us aren’t good at singing or dancing, so we thought that we should do something else instead. We decided to do a video about different types of friends people have. We got some help with choosing the different types of friend people have by looking at many different websites. One of the websites we looked at was on BuzzFeed (24 Types Of Friends Everyone Has In Their Group). After deciding the different types of friends, we had to come up with a script for each of them. We then began to film. Filming kind of took awhile because we kept on messing up or laughing. It was really hard trying to act and remember our lines because when one of us started laughing, the other would laugh and it was so hard to stop. When we were done filming, it was time to edit. Editing was not as easy as we expected it to be. We used Windows Live Movie Maker to edit our video. We encountered some problems while we were trying to edit. When we imported our video, for some reason we couldn’t make our video to full screen. We tried googling solutions and watched YouTube videos, but nothing worked. We learned a lot while we were editing. We learned how to do transitions, cut clips, add music to the video, and so on. Some of the things we should do differently next time is to film with a camera or video camera. We filmed on a phone because we didn’t have a camera. I think with a camera the quality would of been better. This group video activity wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be because at first I was worried about acting, singing, or dancing. I am not good at acting, singing, dancing, or editing, but I thought our video came out pretty good. It doesn’t seem too bad. Overall, this art experience was very fun and I really enjoyed it! I laughed a lot while doing this group video activity.

Our video can be found on:

ART 110: Types of Friends from Nancy Tran on Vimeo.


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