Wk 6- Art Experience- Photowalk

For this week’s art experience, we had Photowalks of the CSULB Campus led by some of my classmates. The Photowalk leader I followed was Joshua Hyun. He led us to many places on campus. I thought he was an excellent guide because he gave us many information and facts about our school. The first place we went to was to see Prospector Pete. I found out that the sculpture personifies the spirit of the 49er. Next, we went to see the Carlson Bloc Bell Tower. While taking the photos, I had to angle my camera to make sure I was getting good pictures. We also went to the Lymon Lough Fountain at Brotman Hall. I took pictures from different positions. Some of the pictures were up close and others were from the side or from a distance. I wasn’t really looking for anything specific in my photos. I just wanted to capture beautiful pictures that caught my attention.

Next, we went to the Japanese Garden. It was so beautiful!  I took many photos at the garden. Everything caputured my attention. I took pictures from many different angles and I had to position my camera in a certain position to capture a good picture. I also took pictures of trees in the garden. I took many pictures of the Koi fish from many different angles and perspectives. I positioned my camera up close to the fish to get a closer look at them. I also took panoramic pictures of the garden to get a wide view and angle of the garden. I thought my pictures came out really well. I also took a picture of a tree and the sun was shining through the tree. I thought the effects of the sun shining looked nice. I learned many new camera techniques while doing this activity. I learned how to focus my camera to capture clear photos. I also zoomed my camera to get detailed pictures. It was nice to take a stroll with my classmates and be a photographer. Overall, I really enjoyed this photowalk. I got to explore the campus, take beautiful pictures, and socialize with my classmates. šŸ˜Š


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