Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Kristi Jensen

Info Block

Artist: Kristi Jensen
Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form A Single Entity 
Media:  Metals and Jewelry
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East and West
Website: None
Instagram: whipperton

Kristi Jensen grew up in Nevada, but now lives in Los Angeles (Venice). Before, she was a flight attendant for about 8 years. Kristi started as a sculpture major, but it wasn’t a good fit for her. She is now majoring in Bachelor of Fine Arts, Metal and Jewelry and is expected to graduate next semester. Her dream is to be able to find a way to make a living that is related to the work she does. She wants to use what she learned at CSULB to make money.

Today’s gallery are art works from a huge span of classes. There are about 100 pieces from about 30-40 artists. Some of the work are from people who have had experiences ranging from 4 weeks to 4 years. If she were to choose a favorite piece out of the whole gallery, it would be very hard for her. It was very encouraging for her to see how some people were able to create beautiful pieces with only 4 weeks of experience. She sees them as having natural talent. Out of her 3 art pieces displayed today, her neck piece is her favorite piece because she enjoys the technique. She likes how you have to be very precise when working with that type of technique because you have to know what you’re doing or else you’re going to mess up. Kristi enjoys working with metals because she likes to set things on fire and hit things. She also enjoys knitting, fiber art, reading, and watching Walking Dead. Her focus right now is jewelry. Kristi finds that this type of medium is very forgiving because she can take it apart and put it back if she were to make a mistake.

Jensen said she waited til the last minute to name her pieces. Her goal is that she needs to work on the whole process instead of just finishing her pieces. She needs to document, take pictures, and have titles for her art work. She has been working with metal for about two years. The time frame to finish her art work depends on the complexity. From starting with sketches to completion, it takes about 3 weeks. Sketching and working with a paper model can work out problems one can encounter. Her inspiration came from her grandfather. When she was 5, she used to watch her grandfather fix televisions. She would watch him fix it and put it together. She finds that process similar to her work. Her grandfather taught himself how to fix TVs and liked to try new things. Even though she was 5 years old, it has had a profound influence on her.

Her work coveys nothing specific. It was driven by process and she had to learn techniques to find a way to work into her pieces. Occasionally, she would wear her pieces. Overall, I enjoyed the art gallery and Jensen’s artwork. Her artwork today dealt with sterling silver and steel. I really liked her neck piece. I thought the colors of the necklace went well together and it is something I would wear. Kristi also encouraged us to take a class involving metal and jewelry. After viewing the gallery, it made me want to give this a try.

Above are Jensen’s artwork. Top left corner: “Untitled 3” Sterling Silver 2016 Bottom left corner: “Untitled” Steel 2015 Right side: “Untitled 2” Sterling Silver, Cloisonné Enamel 2015

Above are some artwork from various artists from the art gallery.


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