Wk 5- Art Experience- Cuisine, Couture, or Coiffure

For this week’s activity, we had a choice of experimenting with food, fashion, or hair. Out of the three choices, I chose food. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do in the beginning, so I decided to do some research to give me some ideas. I decided to make Hatching Chick Deviled Eggs. I have never made this before and it looked pretty fun to make. First I had to gather all the ingredients needed which are eggs, mayonnaise, carrot, yellow mustard, and black peppercorns.

Next, I had to boil the eggs and slice the carrots with a grater. When the eggs were done, I had to peel the shell. Once my eggs were peeled, I had to shape them and scoop all the egg yolks out of the eggs. I then mixed the egg yolks with the filling ingredients (mayonnaise and yellow mustard).

After mixing all the ingredients, I filled the eggs with the filling. Then I had to place the two black peppercorns on each egg as the eyes. After that I would cut pieces of carrot to make the beak and feet.

 Above are my finished hatching chick deviled eggs.

My deviled eggs came out better than I expected them to be. They look too cute to eat. I thought this was very fun and I would recommend it to others. I ended up inviting my cousins over to try my food and they really enjoyed eating it. I don’t think there’s anything I would of done differently. I thought everything went smoothly. Next time, I would like to experiment with another type of food because I enjoy being in the kitchen. (:


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