Wk 4- Classmate Conversation – Marlon Fernandes

This week I met Marlon Fernandes. He lived in Kuwait for about 16 years and came to Long Beach for higher education. He currently lives in Cerritos and works as a personal banker at US Bank. Marlon is a super senior majoring in Consumer Affairs. He is also working on his master’s degree and wants to become a cop after he graduates. He is the only student that received a grant from the Health and Human Services. Congratulations Marlon! ^_^ Right now, he is taking a total of 19 units. Four of them are master classes and the other 3 are undergraduate courses. All of the classes are 300 level or above except ART 110. His hobbies are fishing and playing tennis. He played professional tennis for about 7 years. Something weird about him is that he likes to eat dry cereal with lemon juice. His favorite food is Thai food. I also enjoy eating Thai food. His favorite dish is Tom Kha Kai (Thai coconut soup). I have never tried this so I’m going to try it out one day to see how it tastes. I’m glad that I got to meet such an amazing person. I wish him the best of luck with his studies! (:

Check out his website: MBFERNS


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