Wk 4- Art Experience- Graffiti Writing

For this week’s activity, I got to spray paint my name. When I found out that we had to do graffiti as one of the art experiences, I was really worried. I’m not an artistic person and I have never spray painted my entire life. I didn’t know how my name would come out and I was really nervous. First, I drew my name in bubble letters. Then I went out to the front of my apartment to spray paint on the grass. When I started spray painting, it was not easy. I had trouble controlling where I was spraying. When I was done spray painting, my name came out better than I expected it to be. When we watched the film (Bomb It) in class, I was fascinated with the artworks the artists created. It didn’t look that hard to spray paint. After trying to spray paint myself, I realized that it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s amazing how the artists were able to spray paint such beautiful artworks. They have such an amazing talent. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience and wouldn’t mind trying to spray paint again. 😊



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