Wk 3- Artist Conversation – Josh Vasquez

Info Block

Artist: Josh Vasquez
Exhibition: Vida/Morte
Media: Sharpie, Markers, Spray Paint
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: joshvasquez.com
Instagram: joshybehr


Josh Vasquez is a 5th year undergraduate from Los Angeles. He is in the Drawing and Painting Program from the CSULB School of Art. His parents are pretty supportive of him and his favorite medium is sharpie markers. He has been seriously drawing for about 2 years. His interests are in life and death because they are so different. He thinks that when an artist gets writer’s block, there should be other things they can do as an artist. If they can’t draw, there should be other outlets like taking pictures.

Majority of Vasquez’s work is black and white. He uses many different types of material for his artwork such as clear plastic trash bags, red rosin paper, ink markers, and flowers. His artwork is not symmetrical because jagged strokes can be seen on his artworks. The material he used to create his artworks also related to the overall theme (life and death).

This exhibition is about life and death. The author says life and death is what makes these drawings possible. He is able to express these two ideas in a single artwork. The author wanted to explore a deeper meaning with symbols such as femininity and masculinity, black and white, and so on. The author thinks that each of the materials has it’s own life span and he wanted to capture the aspect of life.

This was my first time at an art gallery and I really enjoyed it. I can relate to what the author is thinking. Life is short and nothing last forever. Everyone has got to die at some point in their time and I feel that this artwork can simply be related to people. Each and everyday we capture our moments that we spend with our friend or families. However, it’ll all come to an end. That’s why we should create memories and capture the moments so that we can share to others.


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