Wk 3- Art Experience – Snapchat Activity

For this week’s activity we got to use Snapchat. I’m an avid user of Snapchat and I thought it was interesting seeing my classmates snaps. I really enjoyed seeing what my classmates posted on their Snapchat story. I saw many colorful and interesting artworks. I thought it was cool to use Snapchat drawing and text tools to “illustrate” our snaps. I think my Snapchat “dialog” with Art110 classmates shares the qualities of the famous conversations (Matisse and Picasso and I Send You This Cadmium Red). However, with Snapchat, we are able to share our drawings and messages within a click of a button. Overall, I really thought this art experience was very positive and fun.

One of my classmates posted this on their Snapchat story. I agreed with the art text she put on her snap. This piece of artwork looked really cool. The artwork on the bottom caught my attention. I was not sure what it meant, but it made me realize that anything can still be considered art even though it is something simple.
Another one of my classmate posted this on their Snapchat story. By drawing on the artwork, it became more colorful.
This is a picture of what I posted on my Snapchat story. This artwork was very colorful and it caught my attention right away.
I posted this other picture on my Snapchat story because I really loved this artwork. I felt that the words had a lot of meaning to it and I really connected with it.

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