Wk 2- Art Experience – Plaster Casting

This week’s activity was very interesting. I have never done plaster casting and it was a fun experience. I went with my best friend, Jennifer. When we got to Seal Beach it was so nice. This was both our first time doing this type of art activity so everything was new to us. When we had to go get water from the ocean, it was freezing cold! We decided to do one of our feet and one of our hands each. While we were waiting for the plaster to dry we were just looking at the surfers and the beautiful ocean.

This is my best friend, Jennifer.
We went to Seal Beach and it was such a nice day but it was a little chilly.
This is me trying to dig out my plaster foot.

This is a picture of me and my hand. Unfortunately my fingers didn’t show. It looks more like a foot than a hand. It’s okay though because it was my first time. I’m definitely going to try this again.

My foot turned out better than I though it would. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience. Having my best friend with me made it better. We got to experience something new together. We decided to keep our artwork in our apartment as decoration. 🙂


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