Wk 15- Artist Conversation- Nancy Young

Info Block

Artist: Nancy Young
Exhibition: As The Crow Flies
Media: Ink through Relief Printing, Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: None
Instagram: None

Nancy Young is an undergraduate majoring in BFA Printmaking. In order to have her own show, she had to present a proposal. This is her final show and she recently just turned in her final project. She has been to school for a long time. In 1984, she was put on academic probation and got kicked out due to bi-polar and substance abuse issues. She decided to try intro to printmaking and applied to printmaking. She is so grateful for the opportunity. Nancy is going to graduate this month. It’s hard for her to say what her hobbies are because she has been crazy busy. However, she does like music and likes her dogs. She’s thinking about getting another dog because she feels that her dog needs a friend. A lot of her works is about her dog.

Nancy’s inspiration deals with personal issue. She had to deal with grief and lost. She lost her husband 9 years ago and lost one of her dogs. Nancy likes to take photographs and doing these things has brought up what it was like back then for her. Nancy told us that this school has so many opportunity. She is not trying to make a living with art. She has a database job that she loves. She feels that fine arts can help anyone. It has helped her be creative and troubleshoot. Nancy is not afraid to dig in and try. This is her last semester and she had a goal. She did’t want to use old homework assignments to display in her show.

Her initial plan was to visit printmaking facilities around CSULB and create new work at each location. The title of her exhibition is “As The Crow Flies”.  In her gallery, there were many artworks about crows. It portrays how when graduates leave the university, they must find a new place to work. Just like how birds must leave the nest. Her works are not just about one thing. For example, one of the wall talks about different types of printmaking and plate examples she used. Relief is the process where the wood is carved and what is left behind is what prints. It’ll be inked up and what’s left is printed. She used many sharp tools and she’s glad she didn’t get hurt from any of them. Wood peck is also a form of relief; it’s a kind of process. Another type is Intaglio ink, which is the family of printing. It is the direct opposite of relief. In order to make prints, one would need a studio. She made most of her works at CSULB workshops. Some other ones she went to were in Santa Ana, Long Beach, and San Pedro. A week before show, she was a Josephine Press in Santa Monica. One of the good things about printmaking is that you can get tips from other people.

Overall, I really enjoyed this exhibition. I was fascinated with the printmaking works that were displayed. There were so many details on her artwork. What I liked about this exhibition is that she displayed definitions of the techniques she used for her artwork. It helped me better understand the techniques. She also showed us the sharp tools that were used. She has come a long way and I’m glad that she is doing something she loves. I hope she continues to make more beautiful artworks! ūüėä


Wk 15- Classmate Conversation- Christine Kim

This week I met Christine Kim. She is a second year undergraduate student at CSULB majoring in Accounting. She currently lives in Long Beach and works at a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm. Her favorite food is sushi. She has a cat named Bustopher Jones and a dog named Puma. She has a younger brother named Justin. Her hobbies include working out and she likes to play with her animals. She just started getting into posting radio shows. A club she is currently in right now is called Kbeach. Her favorite color is pink. After she graduates, she wants to work a lot and use the money to travel. This summer she is going to go to Seattle and Mexico. I hope she has wonderful time in the summer! It was really nice meeting Christine and I wish her the best of luck with school and her future! ūüėä

Check out her website: artistinsightx

Wk 14- Art Experience- Sketching in the Garden

For this week’s art experience, we got to sketch in the garden. When I found out that we had to draw, I wasn’t looking forward to this art experience. I am really horrible with drawing and drawing is definitely not my specialty. Thankfully, this art experience is graded on effort. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what abstract art was, so I decided to google some examples and look up information about abstract art. I found out that abstract art is “art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures.” When I first got to the Japanese Garden, the first thing I did was take pictures. Taking pictures was the easy part. I took pictures of things that caught my eye. I took pictures with¬†certain distances and different angles.

Below are 3 representational photos:

Below are 3 abstract photos:

After taking photos, I had to find a place to sit and draw. There was this lady drawing with pastels and her drawing was so beautiful. When I looked at it, I wished I could draw or paint like that. Drawing was not easy. I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning. I didn’t know where to start, but eventually I just went with the flow. I started drawing and I think they came out looking okay. I drew pictures of a plant, bushes, an overview of the pond, and etc. It may not be the best, but I gave it my all. I never sat down and drew anything before because when it comes to drawing, I don’t even want to try because I know I’m terrible at it. However, after today’s art experience, I learned that it’s okay to not be good at drawing. You can still enjoy art even if art isn’t your strongest subject.

Below are 3 abstract drawings:

Below are 3 representational drawings:

Overall, I really enjoyed this art experience.¬†I thought it was really nice to just sit back, relax, and just draw. It was a wonderful experience and I’m glad that I got to try it. Below are some more photos I took while I was at the Japanese Garden.


Wk 13- Art Experience- Art Care Package (ACP)

This week’s art experience was something really fun to do. I have always wanted to make a care package for someone. I finally get the chance! (:  When I was told that we had to do an art care package, I wasn’t sure what it meant. I wasn’t sure if the only thing inside can be art related items because when I think about care packages, the first thing I think about is food. I had a hard time deciding about what to put inside and after looking online for some ideas, I decided to do a care package in preparation of finals. The care package includes a mini survival kit and miscellaneous items.

Sending someone an ACP is kind of similar to sending someone a Snapchat. Through Snapchat, you’re getting things virtually and it only last for about 10 seconds. You’ll still receive the message or picture, but it won’t last for long. ACP is different from sending a Snapchat because the items you’ll receive, you will be able to keep them. You’ll physically have them in your hand and I think it is more meaningful than a snap.

I think that ephemera is precious and can gain in value over time. Although a ephemera is something that exist or is used or enjoyed for a short time, it can be meaningful. Just like how people say the little things in life is what matters. For example, your grandma’s parking ticker from half a century ago or her tickets from Woodstock. Although these items didn’t happen when you were born, it could be something you shared with your grandma. The bond you guys had together or maybe there was a story behind the tickets. It’s nice to have things from back then and compare them to the things we have now. We get to see the changes.

I don’t think that there is a difference between art that is seen by many people and art that is seen by a few. I feel that art is art. Anything is art. Everyone is different and has different interpretations of what they see as art. Some art may be well known and be famous, while some arts are seen by a few and haven’t been discovered yet.

I feel that time and effort difference does mean something . Sometimes faster is better because it’s more convenient, but I think receiving something is more meaningful. I think that ACP has the possibility of containing a sort of “love” that is different from Snapchat. With ACP, your packing the care package with effort. You actually thought about what to put in there and what to do. With Snapchat, it only takes a click of a button to send a picture. That picture will only last at most 10 seconds. Overall, I really enjoyed this art experience and I can’t wait to receive my package!

Wk 13- Artist Conversation- Nick Bamford

Info Block

Artist: Nick Bamford
Exhibition: Untitled
Media: Wood plaster, Foam, Found objects
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: None
Instagram: nickbamf4d

Nick Bamford is from Huntington Beach and is a undergraduate senior majoring in Ceramics. He came into CSULB for their ceramics program and is expected to graduate this semester. During his free time, he likes to make art. Art takes up most of his time, but he also likes to play guitar. This is his second show this semester and his fourth time using light and sculpture.¬†His work is more intuitive because he doesn’t like planning things out and likes to let things flow.

His work was an exploration into process and form. When I walked in the room, I thought it was so cool. This was my fist time seeing an art gallery like this. The different colors of the lights caught my attention and there was also a colorful spinning fan on one of the artworks. There were also many miscellaneous items used for the artworks. The items ranged from a shopping cart to a bird in the cage. The pieces in the artworks were also positioned in all sorts of directions. Some were upside down, sticking out, or just hanging. It was nice to look closely at different places to see what kind of item it was.

The art gallery displayed his abstract sculptures with formal placement. He used found objects as materials. His artworks took him five days to complete. He used black lights to make them self lit and used different types of special effects. The process was short because he didn’t have much time to think about what to do. It started with a couple of sticks and now, the final products were displayed in the art gallery. There wasn’t any inspiration for the artworks. It was more of like a spur of a moment because¬†he just got penciled in to have a art show.

There is no specific message in his artworks, it’s more like how you interpret it. Nick wants the audience to have their own interpretation and not try to make the audience have a certain feeling.¬†I’m not really sure what the message of the artworks were. I think it’s a whole bunch of emotions and feelings going in all sorts of directions. In general, his work dealt a lot with materialism and expressionism. Overall, I really enjoyed his artworks and thought that they were really unique. I hope he continues to make more art! (:

Wk 13- Classmate Conversation- Patrick Dong

This week I met Patrick Dong. He is a 4th year undergraduate math major at CSULB. He was born in Vietnam and has been in the United States¬†for 10 years. He came straight to Long Beach after coming from Vietnam.¬†He currently lives in North Long Beach.¬†His hobbies are¬†martial arts, swimming, surfing, playing the guitar, and he enjoys photography. Patrick enjoys taking this class. He took this class in order to fulfill his requirements as a full time student. He has two part time jobs. One of them is a college aid for Long Beach Unified School District and the other place he works at is the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach. His favorite food is Korean BBQ, sushi, and Italian food such as pizza and pasta with meatballs. After his Bachelors degree, he’s thinking about pursing a Ph.D. It was really nice meeting Patrick. I wish him the best of luck with his studies and hope to see him around campus.

Check out his website: yonkopat


Wk 12- Art Experience – Game Design

This week’s art experience was really interesting.¬†On Thursday Morning before class started, my friend Jennifer and I started our search for geocaches. The first one we started looking for was called “Immortal.” After 30 minutes of searching for it, we decided to come back to it after class ended. We were really close to it, but we couldn’t find it. After class ended, everyone was trying to find the “Immortal” geocache. However, we didn’t have any luck. ): We decided to move on to another geocache. A group of us including our professor went to look for other geocaches. The second one was “Fire Hydrant.” When we got there, we tried looking for it, but we found out that the cache was no longer there. After that we decided to go to “Beach Structure.” ¬†We were looking and I was hoping that maybe the third time trying to find a geocache, we would find one. We found out that the geocache was no longer there. Our professor hid¬†that¬†geocache in the and it is no longer there. We decided to go to the geocache that is placed near the Walter Pyramid called “CSU-ET.” When we went there we looked everywhere. I stuck my hand in the poles and it was not nice. I was touching nasty webs and almost got my hand stuck in there. One of our group mates ended up finding baby birds in the poles. Our professor found that geocache there 6 months ago, but he couldn’t find the geocache this time. The geocache may be gone or someone moved it somewhere else. While we were walking back, our professor found a quarter. Overall, I thought this art experience was really fun and I got a lot of exercise. I’m sad that we didn’t get to find any but at least we tried! (: I’m going to try next time and I hope to I can find a¬†geocache. Hiding the geocache was a lot easier than finding a geocache. This art experience¬†made me think differently about places because I had to think about where to hide my geocache. I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be too easy for someone to find. This experience was like a scavenger hunt and I really enjoyed it.

Below are hints to where I hid my Altoids tin:


Geocaches we tried to find:


Wk 12- Artist Conversation- Jennifer Chen

Info Block

Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Digital Print and Print Making
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: None
Instagram: None

Jennifer Chen is a graduate student at CSULB. During her undergraduate, she majored in Biology. She is currently studying for her MFA in Print Making and is expected to graduate this Spring semester. Her plans after graduating is to teach. Next semester in Fall 2016, she is going to teach ART270 with Nora Ayala. She hopes that this class will have higher enrollment so that she could continue teaching it. The class involves non-toxic techniques and water basing.

She decided to get her MFA in Printmaking because she had a different interest. She tried to do something that would help her grow. Jennifer thinks that everything is sort of helpful and beneficial. She worked in small, midsize, and big corporation companies. They all helped people and revolved around health businesses. Her interest are observing things and she wants to work her ideas through art. Her inspiration are a lot of interests.

The materials she used were digital prints and masking. She used those to create a mono type style. None of her artworks are the same. She also used gloss to gloss and heavily applied her artworks to let it shine and have a 3 dimensional look. She used photo shop for her artworks and uses whatever camera she can to capture. Jennifer  also enjoys photography because she can capture microscopic and macroscopic images. For a large piece artwork, it takes her about a week. The large artworks are done in four sections and she has to work on each layer. It does not include separation, masking, and etc. Overall, the process really depends. One of her artwork is on campus, it was bar prints.

Her ideas explore succession. She compared her artworks to weeds, shrubs, and landscapes. She said that overtime, weeds turn into shrubs and there will be changes in landscape. Her artworks had a lot to do with landscape and our environment. She used Google’s public mapping service to capture her depiction of recent urban changes. She feels that our ecosystem is always changing and it tells our history.

Overall, I really enjoyed this art exhibition. I thought the 3 dimensional techniques she used was awesome. The images looked so nice and realistic. I hope she will be able to continue to teach ART270. The class seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun and I’m thinking about enrolling in that class if it fits into my schedule. I’m hoping to see more of her artworks in the future.(:



Wk 12- Classmate Conversation- Lainie Le



This week I met¬†Lainie Le. She is a freshemn at CSULB and is currently undeclared. However, she is thinking about majoring in Business. Lainie is¬†Cambodian and Vietnamese. She doesn’t know how to speak Khmer, but can speak Vietnamese. She lives in¬†North Long Beach, which is about 30 minutes away from CSULB. ¬†Her interests are sleeping, eating, and watching¬†YouTube videos about makeup tutorials and look books. She loves to eat Chipotle and Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup). ¬†She also¬†loves drinking boba from Fusion Tea and Snow Monster. Lainie has one little brother and does not work. She hates driving and doesn’t drive the freeway. It was really nice meeting Lainie. She was such a nice person and I wish her the best of luck with her studies! I hope to see her around on campus. (:

Check out her website: laayyknee


Wk 11- Art Experience- Turning Pages

This week’s art experience was pretty interesting. It was an honor to have Marta Troya to come to our class and create an art activity for us. To be honest, I was pretty confused about what we had to do, but after awhile I started understanding what the whole purpose of this experiment was. I feel that words and pictures can capture an experience. However, words and picture can’t always completely sum up an experience and show how one feels about it. I feel that the style of words and images matter because sometimes the person is probably trying to tell us something. For example, when a letter is in a bigger context or bolded or like when the background of a picture is blurred and is focused on one thing in particular. One way I thought of to share an experience with people who weren’t there to share in it live was to make a video for them or video chat/ Facetime with them. Although they’re not there by your side physically, they’ll be there on the other side of the camera. I feel that trying to document an experience takes out of the experience. When we try to document, we’re more focused on documenting rather than the experience. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience. It gave me new insights about the nature of spaces. Being in the library and bookstore was different. The bookstore didn’t make me feel anything. I just felt like a regular person browsing around¬†the bookstore. In the library, it felt awkward and we were like out of the norm. People were staring and wondering what we were doing. We almost got kicked out from the waiting area because we’re not suppose to read there. It questions me about what is the purpose of the library? Isn’t a library for reading? However, the library at CSULB on the first floor is filled with computers and we also have a Starbucks. Another way that we can document ephemeral experiences like Turning Pages is to use words. Sometimes, it is hard to get pictures of how something makes you feel and words can often express your feelings. We could write in a journal or just on a piece of paper.